Olympic Park

Tamba Day Nursery Olympic Park is our latest branch situated minutes from Stratford Station and the Olympic Park. 

The building is brand new and has been designed entirely from the ground up. 

The unique design of the nursery creates an enabling and stimulating environment for children between the ages of 3 months - 5 years old. 

We have created bright and spacious rooms and have incorporated specially designed windows to allow our children and babies to observe and consider their surroundings. This facilitates fantastic learning opportunities as children are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the world around them with our expert nursery practitioners.


Olympic Park
Olympic Park

Olympic Park
Olympic Park

Olympic Park
Olympic Park

Olympic Park
Olympic Park


Extra Curricular Activities


At Tamba our promise is to guarantee your little one the best possible start to their journey in life. To implement this we are introducing yoga sessions with a professional instructor. There are numerous scientific studies showing the benefits surrounding yoga ranging from supporting children’s physical wellbeing e.g. strengthening of bones and flexibility to mental health

Cooking Club

Our talented chef will be holding cooking lessons to introduce our children to the basic concepts of cooking and help them develop their fine motor skills and mathematical understanding.


At Tamba we have always understood the importance of diversity and introducing our children to different cultures, backgrounds and countries. To implement this even more we will be providing language lessons e.g. French, Portuguese, Mandarin etc.

Physical Education

We work closely with outside bodies such as Nation Sports/London Aquatics Centre to implement physical education through a range of fun and engaging sporting activities e.g. football, swimming, obstacle courses etc.

Performing Arts

We understand the importance of seeing every child as an individual. Incorporating performing arts allows each child to express and explore themselves and their emotions. Our drama, music and dance tutors are ready to help the children with confidence and self-expression.

All Inclusive Package

Price is all inclusive of:

  • Nappies 

  • Wipes 

  • Milk 

  • Extra Curricular Activities



Olympic Park - 0207 223 7720

Ilford - 0208 553 1513

Beckton- 0207 511 4809

Chadwell Heath - 0208 590 7840