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Our sessions start from 7.45am till 6.15pm for a full day and for our half day sessions 7.45am – 12.45 pm for morning sessions or 1.15pm – 6.15pm for our afternoon sessions.
The government provides 15 hours funding for children aged between 3 and 4 years. Some two year old child may be entitled to funding too. Please use this link to see if your child is entitled to TWO YEAR OLD FUNDINGhttps://parentportal.redbridge.gov.uk/Live/Website/default.aspx.

We offer a morning session (8:30am – 11:30am) or an afternoon session (1.30pm– 4.30pm), five days a week for children that receive this funding.

Parents also have the option of adding additional hours on top of the funded sessions at a cost of £7.50 per hour. (This is not for a regular occurrences but can be used occasionally)

No refund is given for Bank Holidays and days for which your child does not attend.
Please note that any Bank charges incurred by the Nursery for non-payment of fees will be passed on to the parent concerned.
Tamba is a place where

•    Children are listened to and respected
•    Where we work in partnership with parents, to fulfil children’s individual needs
•    We encourage creativity and imagination
•    We strive to make continuous improvements
•    Activities are always planned to maximise children’s development
•    We respect each child’s individuality, culture and language
•    Staff are qualified, trained and police checked

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