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Tamba is a friendly and welcoming nursery that provides childcare for children ages from 3 months – 8 years.

Ilford Nursery

Tamba is a friendly and welcoming nursery that accommodates for all backgrounds and abilities.

About Tamba Day Nursery

Please watch this Video to see the facilities that will be on offer to you children.

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Our commitments

•    To work in partnership with parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment
•    To help children learn and develop to their full potential through a range of stimulating activities.
•    To give you complete satisfaction that your child is in safe hands

Contact Tamba Day Nursery and let us help you look after your child and make their day full of fun, excitement and learning.



Why Us?

Progress Reports


“Tamba is place where every child is unique and special. Our qualified staff understand the individual needs of children and provide an enriching environment that helps every child thrive and blossom in our care”


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